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One more instantly fixed bad view:

         Day #3 

The customer above built a berm and 4 days later, the house next door had "Vanished"


Using 2 plant layers or 2 plants per linear foot


Using 1 plant layer or 1 plant per linear foot

Using 3 plant layers or   3 plants per linear foot

The paired pictures below show what plantings look like after some years.

​Most of these used one plant every 3 feet. Further spacing simply extends the time required to fill in. (see the videos for further explanation)

When new construction ruins your view across the fence, bamboo can make your neighbor disappear.  In the pictures above,  it only took 7 days.

BEFORE and AFTER bamboo

Day #1                                      

Using 1 plant layer or 1 plant per linear foot

If your budget allows, you can have an immediate screen as in the installations below:

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