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We are a family owned business, members of the American Bamboo Society for many years, and a certified Tennessee Nursery.

Here's the Why and How:

We want to publish some before and after pictures of people who replace their dead evergreens with our plants. So we will rebate half the cost of our standard screening plants used for that purpose - When you supply us with the photos documenting that. It applies to plants bought between Memorial day and July 4th, 2017.(Limit 30 plants/customer)

Another deadspot. OK. Here's one solution. Replant them. Maybe this time they won't die. Wonder how long it will take for these little guys to catch up and make a decent screen? OR!!! take advantage of our sale!

Oops! Where did the screen go? Deadspot

Dead Leyland Days Sale!! Memorial Day though the 4th of July

Nice looking dumpster in this deadspot

These trees once made a decent screen (2015 photo on left ). You could still see a first story window even after several years growth with 20' tall plants, though. Problem is, some of them aren't there any more. The photo on the right--the one with the huge gap in the middle--is from 2017. With bamboo, there is no taproot to hit "The Middle Tennessee Rock"

Spring Specials