We are a family owned business, members of the American Bamboo Society for many years, and a certified Tennessee Nursery.

​Retail hours: 9-5 Thursday AND Saturday

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Almaville Bamboo Co.

Retail Hours : 9-5 Thursday AND Saturday

1. Standard Screening Plants
These come as b in b's (balled in burlap like a tree), or #7 nursery containers. Typically these will be about 12  feet tall and be about 13" diameter if b in b. 

'Spectabilis'-$100;  Bissetii, Aurea, Yellow Groove-$85; Stately-$75

2. XL Screening Plants

These are normally machine dug plants, 20 feet tall, 1" caliber with approximately an 18" ball, bound in metal cages since they are quite heavy. They will require "guying" for the first year. Add $25 to the base cost per plant.

3. Custom Spec'd Plants

For example, specifying 3  canes/ball

Add $25 to the base cost per plant.

*DISCOUNTS: This applies to 1. Standard Screening Plants, (which you pick up at the nursery from our existing stock),  2. XL Screening Plants, and 3. Custom Spec'd Plants.  When your total such plant purchases are:
10 or more- 15% discount
20 or more- 20% total discount
50 or more- 22.5% total discount
100 or more- 25% total discount
250 or more- 27.5% total discount

4. Patio Plants

$58- We stock #2 or#3 containers of Spectabilis and Bissetii in job lot  quantities. While these are not cost effective for propagation in-ground screening (explained elsewhere) they are very pretty for massing out in above ground containers.These will be pencil sized in diameter and generally 6' tall or less.

DISCOUNT: This applies to Patio Plants which you pick up at the nursery from existing stock.

20 or more-15%discount

5. Ground Cover Bamboos (for erosion control, rockeries, etc.)
These come in #1 nursery pots- $18 each
This would include, White Stripe, Green Stripe and Distichus

DISCOUNTS: This discount is for pickup prices when the total Ground Cover Bamboo purchases are:
50 plants or more- 10% discount
100 plants or more- 15% total discount

6. Large (Timber) Bamboo
These plants are typically field dug to order. This requires a non-refundable 1/3 deposit to have cleared your bank before digging. There are no discounts on these plants. 
Prices for these in a 1 to 1-1/2 caliper are as follows:

Atrovaginata- $145
Sweetshoot (Dulcis)- $130
Giant Grey- $130
Vivax- $130
Golden Vivax- $165
Robert Young- $130
Note: We also can provide larger caliber plants. Greater than 1-1/2 to 2"plants are $200 with no discounts, and prices increase based on size and availability.
This price list is not comprehensive, but includes 99% of what our customers ultimately have chosen. When you see other plants here at the nursery that you like, ask us for pricing at that time.


That totally depends on how fast you need the screen.

Customer A needed an instant screen top to bottom to hide a 2 story building=2.5 plants/linear foot. (visualize 147 plants in 3 tight rows, 60 feet long)

Customer B had a 2 year horizon for a complete screen=1 plant/3 linear foot

Customer C was replacing 1/2 mile of dead Leylands along a highway and had a 5 year horizon=1 plant/10 linear foot.

LOADING: During Thursday and Saturday retail hours, we normally have someone available to help with loading. 
To give you an idea of what you can carry, we typically load 20 of the Standard Screening Plants in a long bed pickup truck. You can get 60-65 plants on a double axle 16 foot trailer. If you don't have a tarp, we can cover the plants for you- we have successfully had plants make it to Colorado, Maryland, Michigan and Florida covered with carpet backing or "Leno"

GUARANTEE: We guarantee our plants to survive for 6 months if you tell us you handled them with reasonable care, mulched and watered adequately. Simply bring the plant in question to the nursery for exchange. Please ask us for planting/care instructions if this is your first load or if you have any remaining questions.

BARRIER- 60 mil HDPE 30" wide is $3.00/linear foot with plant purchase or $5.00 without plant purchase.

TAXES- As a certified Tennessee Nursery, we legitimately do not collect sales tax on our plants.