Is this a pretty green stripe or what? This is a great plant for groundcover as long as it is not exposed to our hot summer sun. If you need a pretty one for the sun, look at the next picture below:

For a Parade of Homes  raised bed use of bamboo that Landscape Solutions,LLC did in a beautiful modern back yard application, click here.

This one is called Big Leaf for some reason

Here is a pretty installation alongside a commercial driveway.

From the porch, 10 species can be seen here- looking nice and healthy even in the dead of winter.

Here is another way to gain privacy. These planters are mounted on casters so they can be moved as the sun changes direction to provide shade or screening from the neighbor. Just imagine once they have filled in with new growth this spring! Very Clever.

This is looking from inside the grounds of a private residence toward the road. In the background you can see tightly packed mixed timber species in one of the 100' long raised beds along the highway. No prying eyes can bother these folks.

In another spot, this same artist's use of the bamboo is subtle- as a backdrop to more dramatic features in the front of his garden. Beautiful even in long winter shadows.

A nationally renowned artist applies bamboo to his palette for his own landscape and you get this.

Our grandkids love to play in the groves. This one is bigger than an 8 year old's leg! When you think about "sustainable", remember there is no other way you could grow a forest this pretty in less than 10 years.

Maybe you've seen this course in Georgia on TV. Many of the finest courses around use bamboo where dense screening and low maintenance costs are important. Because of no need for pesticides, bamboo is more desirable than many alternative plantings.

It's cold outside! Look at the naked trees in the left background. But next to the redbark corkscrew willow is a line of bamboo looking healthy and strong. You can just barely see the edge of a barn roof behind it. Other than that, this garden has excellent privacy.

Would you rather have vibrant colors, with lots of texture, but need a tall backdrop? The bamboo in the background hides some ugly buildings and makes this garden appear to be an entirely separate "room"

What kind of mood do you want your garden to set? This teahouse is nestled in a small grove of screening size bamboo. Very cool. (like 20 degrees less)-
This can be accomplished in almost any small back yard.

Every Picture Tells a Story

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If you look carefully, you can see just a little bit remaining of  some bermuda this ground cover White Stripe  is slowly choking out! Sun or shade, an excellent choice for holding a slope.

Some golden bamboos get huge, too. This one is p. viridis "Robert Young"

We have easy loading with a loop to allow trucks and trailers like this to move to the staging area. Low-boys  or semi's will want to back in.

This is the asphalt parking lot at the city Horticulturist's office. This screen shields them from a dusty concrete operation on the other side.

Sunset looking down a driveway with bamboo plantings on both sides. Beautiful and low maintenance.

Good gardeners know to use combinations of different heights in plants as well as colors. When friends come to share the fire pit in the background, there is a wall of bamboo separating them from the rest of the neighborhood. (It also hides a field fence which keeps the mean dog in the yard)

Country music people don't necessarily like having people watching them as they are out riding, so a combination of fence and bamboo does the trick nicely.

Almaville Bamboo Co.

Here is a fresh planting in January of some mostly full sized and a few #7s. Note that they are a few feet apart on one line (the view they are most interested in screening quickly) and 6-7 feet apart in the other direction where they are willing to wait longer than a couple of years to completely screen it out. Good strategy to stretch the budget where needed. These folks will see new shoots begin the screening in April of this year.

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